Places I love to photograph

Photographing Zion

Freckles Photographs Zion National Park in Utah

My husband and I took a road trip for our honeymoon. One of our stops was in Zion National Park. There’s a reason Zion is Utah’s most popular park. With a great deal to see, tons of trails to wander…

Photographing Maui

A Hint of Red in a Sea of Green. A little red flower sticks up on a hillside of green. Freckles Photography of Corvallis, Oregon

A vacation in Hawaii is on the bucket list of many people. I got lucky and checked it off mine a few years ago. I was in Maui for about two weeks. Photographing there was somewhat different than other places…

Photographing Paris

tree in paris france

I am one lucky lady. I have had the opportunity to visit Paris, not just once, but twice in my life. It is a grand city. There’s so much to see and do there it can be quite awesomely overwhelming.…