From a company picnic with fun games to an extravagant fundraiser for a wonderful non-profit organizations I love to photograph any and all events. Each has so much to offer me as a photographer. It’s a great challenge to capture all of the many, many, many goings ons at an event and I welcome that challenge.

Eugene Oregon Candid Event Photographer

As you’ll see after viewing a few of my event photographs, I take a “fly on the wall” approach to my event photography. I do my best to blend into a crowded room and slip around unnoticed to capture genuine smiles, laughter, conversations, and connections.

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I love the challenge of truly recording a moment in time. It has taken tens of thousands of photographs over the years, but my style is my own and I cherish it. If you gravitate towards photographs that make you feel like you are experiencing a point in time over again each and every time you look at it, then I’m your event photographer.

Candid Event Photographer Oregon

I strive to find those tiny, yet monumental moments at each event I photograph and grab them with a click of a shutter before they disappear. I do it because I love it. And, I would love to create keepsake photographs of your next event.

candid event photographer eugene oregon

Feel free to look over my portfolio here to get a more detailed sense of my style, check out my pricing here, book your event here, or contact me here with any questions.