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Freckles photography specializes in photographing folks being their everyday selves at their home. What that means is that Lauren, the photographer, will capture you and your family, you and your love, you and your dogs, cats, fish, or just you, being you. Baking, reading, sewing, laughing, loving, snuggling, hugging, and all that good stuff.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Freckles Photography of Corvallis, Oregon

Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Freckles Photography of Corvallis, Oregon

My favorite photographs from when I was little are the ones my Dad captured in that split second before the moment was gone. There’s one of my brother hugging my mom. And, I mean, hugging. He’s looking directly at the camera. But, you can feel how he feels. And, then there’s the one of my siblings and me all standing on my bed in goggles and underwear. Yep. Just goggles and underwear. We were most likely being super heroes. We’re yelling something at the camera. Probably that we were saving the world. You get the point. We were alive, living, and loving what we were doing. My Dad just happened to have the camera pointed at all of us at the perfect moment to freeze time for us. Thanks Dad.

candid portrait of a father kissing his son while his wife holds their newborn

So, let me do that for you. Let me be a fly-on-the-wall while you bake cookies, read your favorite book, change your newborn’s diaper, play a board game, kick the soccer ball around the backyard, sing karaoke, whatever it is you and your loves love to do. I’ll be there, on the sidelines, watching, waiting, clicking (a lot!), and capturing those fun times.


Candid family portraiture at your home in eugene oregon

A cute and candid photograph of two adorable toddler girls sitting on a porch in pink tutus blowing bubbles