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10 Things I Love about Event Photography

fly on the wall event photography eugene oregon

Having just finished an amazing Event Photography experience a few weeks ago, I’m feeling the love for that part of my job as a professional photographer. There’s something that event photography does for me that none of my other types…

Timberhill Park / Corvallis, Oregon

Infant portrait session in Timberhill Park, Corvallis, Oregon

Timberhill Park is cozily tucked into Corvallis and leads to some wonderful nature hiking trails. It’s amazing to stand in the middle of the little park and look all around you. You’ll see an apartment building, one of the busiest…

Bald Hill Natural Area / Corvallis, Oregon

Bald Hill Natural Area in Corvallis Oregon

Bald Hill Natural Area is a wonderful place to take a short and easy hike by yourself, with friends, or family. There are some open spaces that, depending on the season are luscious variations of greens or reds, yellows, and…

I love love

graffiti on a paris street that reads I am furiously in love with you

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