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Super Baby

a father's hand holds his newborn baby.

  We all start off at a size just a bit bigger than our Mom and Dad’s hands. In no time at all we’re running up and down the hallways, drawing giraffes on walls, kicking soccer balls, having tea parties,…

Ten little fingers and ten little toes.

Photograph of a little boy's hand

 There are quotes, advise, and sayings you will hear often before you are a parent and while you are a parent: “Your life will never be the same.” “Enjoy every new thing and stage because before you know it your…

At Home with the Barnes Family

candid portrait of a father kissing his son while his wife holds their newborn

As you know, I love photographing people in their own homes. I think it is my absolute favorite way to capture portraits. There’s this special kind of calm that comes over them after a short while that I’m not sure…