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On the move

A photograph from the collection Evoking Memory. Evoking Memory is about motherhood, perspective, identity, and memory.

In the past few months as Everett has learned how to run with out falling every five steps or so my collection of blurred images has increased significantly. It’s an interesting challenge to try and capture a one and half…

Super Baby

a father's hand holds his newborn baby.

  We all start off at a size just a bit bigger than our Mom and Dad’s hands. In no time at all we’re running up and down the hallways, drawing giraffes on walls, kicking soccer balls, having tea parties,…

Lucky Little Boy

black and white portrait of a toddler in corvallis oregon

This little guy gets to have a boy’s night with his Dad tonight! I’ll be in Eugene, Oregon volunteering for the non-profit Parenting Now! Tonight is their annual fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for their lovely organization. I will…