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Lace, Flowers, and Ivory

A unique photograph of the details of a wedding dress and the bride

This is one of my all time favorite photographs. I love that I was able to capture both the beautiful detailing of this wedding dress as well as a portrait of the bride in the same composition. Mirrors hold a…

Ten little fingers and ten little toes.

Photograph of a little boy's hand

 There are quotes, advise, and sayings you will hear often before you are a parent and while you are a parent: “Your life will never be the same.” “Enjoy every new thing and stage because before you know it your…

Bouquet in the Background

a profile of a bride getting her veil placed on her head with her bouquet in the background

Often as photographers we find ourselves clicking away, capturing what feels like 100 images each minute. There are many times I am so engrossed in the moment and just shooting from my gut, that I capture compositions with details I…